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K9 Detection Services Is More Than Sniffing Out Drugs

Published November 16th, 2020 by 3dk9detectionadmin

Think of a drug-sniffing dog, and two images probably come to mind: a bloodhound tracking an escaped convict or a missing person, and a drug dog zeroing in on the scent of narcotics.

Narcotics detection using drug dogs is a common service at 3DK9 Detection Services, but it’s just one of a variety of K9 services designed to detect, defend and deter. 

Bomb Detection: A bomb may seem complicated, but it’s really not. Instructions for building bombs are widely available on the internet, and they can be constructed using common, everyday items including plastic food storage containers, fuses, and sharp projectiles like nails. Yet, the scent of these common ingredients is distinctive, and bomb-sniffing dogs are trained to detect them and pinpoint their source. In so doing, highly trained bomb detection dogs are a first line of defense against a potentially catastrophic explosion at a crowded event or populated place.

Contraband and Cell Phone Detection: Contraband is a word associated with crime and punishment – contraband is confiscated from criminals upon arrest and prohibited in correctional centers and prisons. We typically think of contraband as illegal drugs and weapons, and indeed those are common forms of contraband. But contraband can be any banned substance. Alcohol and cigarettes may be banned along with drugs at schools. In some settings, cell phones can be considered contraband because criminals use cell phones to organize illegal operations and set off explosives. As with other types of scent detection, dogs can be trained to identify and locate common forms of contraband, increasing safety and security for everyone gathered in a building or at an event, and helping to enforce established rules of order.

When working in residential settings and certain commercial buildings, our trained detection dogs can even sniff out bedbugs! This is interesting – wouldn’t mind having more info here if client approves

Dogs can do more than sniff out danger, though. At 3DK9 Detection Services, we work with clients with physical security needs. For example, some companies and workplaces are at risk of coordinated attack and thus need high levels of security; high-profile individuals can require personal protection or a security detail. Trained guard dogs can be an appropriate and effective means of providing protection. 

Trained guard dogs can detect danger due to their sharp sense of smell, sight and hearing. They can deter potential threats merely by their presence. And, when necessary, they are capable of defending people and facilities through physical intimidation and force.

Our highly trained dog detection team is a skilled force of K9 service dogs that undergo rigorous training to acquire and maintain their skills. We train our detection and guard dogs regularly and in different ways to ensure they provide accurate and precise services, working with them in both standard drills and in real-life scenarios. These authentic experiences ensure that our dogs won’t be distracted during an active detection scenario. The continual training also allows the teams to maintain an outstanding relationship between the dog and the K9 handler. Our teams have many years of experience working with trained K9 and service dogs, as well as extensive military, law enforcement and event security experience.

Our trained guard and detection dogs have worked in a variety of settings, including schools, event venues, private residences, businesses, prisons and correctional centers, and airports and transportation hubs. No matter where you need protection, our K9 team is ready to fly anywhere within the United States to assist. While on the job, we cooperate with local law enforcement, on-site security staff, transportation officials and protective details to ensure a safe environment and make sure all our services comply with local, state and national laws. You can rest assured that our services will provide you with the highest quality of safety and protection possible.

For every client, every situation, and every need, we take safety and security very seriously. We consult with every client to determine the nature of the threat and to devise the best protective response. Security needs are varied, and at 3DK9 Detection Services, we pride ourselves on providing customized, individualized security solutions using specially trained drug-sniffing dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, and guard dogs. Whether you’re protecting yourself, your home, your business, or a large gathering place or venue, we can help you put together a plan to detect, defend and deter. Contact 3DK9 Detection Services today to discuss the right K9 security options for you! 

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