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Contraband Deterrence Detection Sniffer Dogs

Contraband Deterrence Detection Sniffer Dogs

Many facilities, events, and buildings have rules about what you can and cannot bring inside. Often, this is to protect the safety of other people in the facility. Items banned from an event or building are known as contraband. 3DK9 offers dog contraband detection services to identify illegal items, conduct a weapon and gun search, and remove items before they can pose a threat to the environment and its tenants.

What is Contraband?

Contraband is any item that is illegal in a facility, event, or area. Every day, people find new ways to smuggle contraband into secure environments. Dog contraband detection services are the only way to effectively, efficiently, and safely identify contraband before it enters an area. The most common types of contraband include:

Weapons: Firearms and ammunition can pose a serious threat. Our dogs are capable of detecting various types of gunpowder as well as firearms when performing a gun search.

Illicit substances: Substances like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and meth are all illegal in the United States and can endanger the life of someone you love.

Cell phones: Criminals use cell phones to organize illegal operations and set off explosives.

Catalytic Converter Theft Deterrence: Our teams are highly trained at protecting parking lots and other high volume vehicle locations. Our teams have reduced catalytic converter theft to 0 by adding our services. An excellent option to avoid being a soft target. 

How Do Dogs Detect Contraband?

Although humans may not notice it, everything has a scent. A dog’s incredible sense of smell is able to distinguish between many types of substances, including various types of contraband. We train our dogs with the latest cell phone detection, explosive detection, narcotic detection and weapon and gun search methods so that they are capable of identifying any type of substance that could harm innocent civilians.

Our dogs have regular and varied training. This way, they are prepared to enter any situation with professionalism and composure. If one of our canines detects a threat, they’re ready to jump into action to protect our clients.

A Coordinated Effort

At 3DK9, all of our services function in compliance with local, state, and federal laws. Generally, we work as a force multiplier for local law enforcement and security details to reinforce the protection of an area or facility. Our professionals understand the magnitude of their role in preventing catastrophic events, so we work discreetly and efficiently to meet the needs of our clients while cooperating with existing protection measures.

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Contraband Detection and Gun Search Services at 3dk9

3DK9 seeks to provide realistic, well-planned, and effective services. Additionally, our services are not exclusive to any one type of person or organization. Of course, anyone can benefit from comprehensive dog security and weapon and gun search services. Who we help includes a variety of 3DK9 clients, including:

  • Residential dog security services
  • Commercial dog security services
  • Government dog services

If you need a dog security team that can defend, detect and deter danger, then reach out to the 3DK9 team today at 855-561-3647. Don’t leave the safety of your loved ones or organization to chance and call us today.

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