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Types of Explosive Detection K9

Types of Explosive Detection K9

Bomb detection squad dogs are an effective way to detect and assess safety at your event and venue proactively. Leveraging person-borne K9s has gained popularity among security experts for their ability to track moving objects with explosives.

3DK9 offers three types of explosive detection K9s to safeguard your facility. Whatever your need, 3DK9 will assist with reliable and robust explosive detection canine units. Contact us online or call us today at 855-561-3647.

1. Static Line Canines 

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Static line or Transportation Security Administration (TSA) canines are specially trained detector dogs. These dogs sweep a line while people remain still. These dog units are most often used at airports as people wait for security. 

We train static line dogs similarly to person-borne explosive dogs. These units' robust training and superior detection skills put them at a higher price.

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2. Person-Borne Explosive Device Dogs

Dynamic or vapor trail detection dogs are person-borne explosive device dogs. Ideally, we use these detection dogs for people being bottlenecked into another secure location. 

The K9 training is geared and focused on the K9 being still or moving very slowly in the opposite direction of the on-coming crowd of people. Vapor trail dogs are perfect for major sporting event venues, concerts and large gatherings.

3. Explosive Detection Dogs

Explosive detection dogs (EDDs) detect combustible materials in various environments. These specialized canines are specifically trained to find explosives in packages, buildings, vehicles and sub-surfaces.

We also leverage EDDs in airports, transportation, concerts, sporting events and conventions.

Why Partner With 3DK9?

3DK9 is an industry leader in providing reliable canine detection services nationwide. We offer:

  • Comprehensive services: 3DK9 provides extensive services beyond explosive device detection. Some of our services include trained guard dog servicescontraband detection services and narcotic detection services
  • First-rate canines: Our dogs used for explosive detection are exceptionally trained for various environments. Through intensive training, our canines enter any situation prepared and conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and composure. If the canines detect an explosive device, they respond swiftly and effectively. 
  • Superior bomb detection: You can trust that your venue, event or facility is in expert hands when hiring 3DK9. Our dogs and handlers are certified and trained. Our handlers have extensive law enforcement, military and security backgrounds. 

Get the Explosive Detection K9s You Need for the Job

Safety is our priority. Whatever canine service you need, we are your go-to provider. Our expert canines and handlers travel anywhere in the U.S. to deliver specialized sweeps, giving you peace of mind.

Contact us online today or call our team at 855-561-3647 to discuss what services you need to bolster your facility's safety.

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