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About 3DK9 Detection Services. Drug and Explosive Detection Dogs and Security K9s

Narcotics Detection Dogs

Narcotics Detection Dogs

With substance abuse and addiction rising in the United States, there’s never been a more crucial time to protect your loved ones. 3DK9 offers discreet canine security and narcotics detection for families, business owners, schools and other facilities.

What Are Narcotics?

The first step in helping your loved ones is to understand what narcotics are and how to identify them. Narcotics are drugs or substances that affect a person’s mood or behavior and are used for nonmedical purposes. Popular examples include opioids, methamphetamines and hallucinogens. Our K9 are trained to detect Fentenyl, Marijuana, and much much more!  

Canine Security & Narcotics Detection Backed With Extensive Training

3DK9’s security dogs are trained and authorized to regularly and variably detect a variety of narcotics. They’re taught to respond to real-life situations and educated on the latest illicit substances. Through contraband detection sniffing, our dogs can identify the pure odor of narcotics and won’t be thrown off by the scent of other stimulants. We use the strictest certification standards to ensure our dogs give you the best possible chance to find narcotics at your location. 

What Happens During Our Canine Security Detection Sweep?

Before utilizing our security dog services for a detection sweep, the homeowner or legal representative for the property must provide  permission that gives us access.  Pets need to leave as well to avoid interaction with our canines. We do a walk though of your property and identify and concerns you may have. We then walk our dogs through the property with speed, agility, and grace ensuring a fast and nn evasive sweep. 

What to Expect if Our Canine Security Team Smells Narcotics

If one of our dogs detects the scent of narcotics, the handler will verbally inform the homeowner or legal representative and mark the spot. After that, it’s up to the legal representative to locate and dispose of the narcotics. Our narcotics detection and canine security team will not seek out the drugs’ location, nor will they discard them. 

Residential Narcotics Detection & Security Dog Services

If you suspect your child or loved one is using dangerous substances, we understand the level of fear and uncertainty you’re experiencing. Our canine security and narcotics detection team is here to bring you peace of mind.

When you enlist our residential services, we’ll search your home when everyone is away. Asking the family to leave prior to our arrival avoids conflict between the suspected loved one and the family. Our goal is to make everything as discrete and comfortable for you as possible.

Commercial and Educational Sweeps

We firmly believe all individuals deserve safety at work and school, too. That’s why our canine security and narcotics detection team doesn’t just visit residences — we also service businesses and schools. Similar to our home visits, our canine security team searches commercial and educational facilities with utmost discretion. We’ll inform you of our findings so that you can take the appropriate next steps.

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At 3DK9, we dedicate ourselves to making your environment safe and secure. When you enlist our canine security and narcotics detection services, we provide you with full transparency and reliability. Along with dog security services, our expert handlers and highly trained dogs provide:

Contact us to learn more and protect your home, workplace and school from the dangers of narcotics. We look forward to providing you with protection, detection and peace of mind.

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