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Drug Dogs in Schools

Published July 26th, 2020 by 3DK9 LLC

How Canine Detection Services Can Improve Your School’s Health & Safety

The use of drugs and other illicit substances among adolescents is a well-known problem that schools have been attempting to combat for many years. From programs like D.A.R.E. to increased security measures, public and private school systems have been implementing as many strategies as possible to foster safe, drug-free learning environments. In addition to these efforts, schools should also consider using trained drug dogs. Canine detection services can locate narcotics and other substances to maintain a healthy school system and provide help to students who may need it.

The Scope of Drug Use in Teens

The 2019 Monitoring the Future Survey from the National Institute of Drug Abuse found that 38% of 12th graders surveyed had used illicit drugs at some point in the past year. Marijuana accounts for 35.7% of that statistic; other substances include LSD, cocaine, MDMA and heroin. The survey also accounted for students who reported using drugs like marijuana on a daily basis:

  • 1.3% of 8th graders
  • 4.8% of 10th graders
  • 6.4% of 12th graders

The numbers are concerning to think about, especially because they’ve increased from the results of the 2018 survey. Using marijuana and other illicit drugs on a daily or frequent basis can be detrimental to the adolescent brain, contributing to the development of abnormalities. Drug use can also increase the risk of health problems later in life, like high blood pressure, sleep disorders and heart disease. But one of the most significant problems caused by teen drug use is the impairment of learning and memory, which can lead to decreased engagement and achievement in school.

How Canine Detection Services Can Help

Allowing a drug sniffing dog into your school can be a safe and effective way to identify drugs like marijuana that may have come into the building. A study on the efficacy of drug detection by fully-trained police dogs found that hidden drug samples were accurately identified 87.7% of the time, with marijuana being easiest for the dogs to locate. Allowing teams of handlers and drug dogs to periodically sweep your school, or adding regular canine security, can discourage the use and distribution of drugs in schools while also identifying students who may be in need of help through either counseling or rehabilitation.

How Do Canine Detection Services Work?

The way canine protection and detection services work depends on the items or substances you want detected or the security measures you want to implement. When you choose canine narcotic detection services from 3DK9, we will dispatch a dog and handler team to your school where they will sweep the building without disrupting regular class schedules. If our drug dogs detect any substances, we will report our findings to the proper representative. We will not remove or dispose of the substances if any are found — the next steps are decided at the discretion of the school or other legal representatives. Our process is a simple but effective one that can help promote a safe and secure atmosphere in your school, which is conducive to a great education.

Choose 3dk9 Canine Detection Services for Your School

3DK9 detection teams are committed to maintaining the safety of all your students while at school by providing efficient, cost effective and discreet searches. Our drug dogs help to ensure that your students and faculty are healthy and sober. Learn more about our commercial dog security services today.

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