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8 Benefits of K9 Security Services for Your Next Event

Published October 12th, 2023 by 3DK9 LLC

Not too long ago, an event planner's greatest concern was not having enough catering or red cups for guests. These days, though, there's a much greater fear: what if your event becomes the target of a mass shooting? After all, there have been more shootings than days in the year in 2023.

Whether it's an active shooter situation or unruly guests, your event security needs to be ready for anything. Yet human bouncers just don't cut it sometimes. Be more effective instead with the help of K9 security services.

Join us as we discuss the 8 benefits of K9 event security.

1. K9 Security Services Can Keep Out Drugs

No one wants illicit drugs at their event. Yet your only solution to finding these drugs is to have entrance guards rifle through guests' bags with a wooden dowel. People who want their substances badly enough will sneak them inside, come hell or high water.

Discovering drugs on the premises could get law enforcement involved, thus ruining an otherwise successful gathering. The appearance of marijuana at the scene could easily shut things down while officers investigate. Unless, of course, you have dog security guarding the way in.

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, and can easily detect most types of illegal drugs. Better yet, they can detect them even when there is a distracting, red herring scent in the way - such as body odor or dirty socks. They only need a second or two to check a single person for unpermitted substances.

Having K9 security ensures that no drugs whatsoever make it into the event premises.

2. They're More Effective

The main difficulty with event security is having enough manpower. Guests often outnumber guards by a wide margin. Guards have to avoid stretching themselves too thin between admitting guests, scanning the crowd, and patrolling the premises.

One of the great things about dog security is that it gives more bang for your buck. Dollar for dollar, a dog can do everything a human security guard can, but more effectively

Not only can they identify drug contraband, but they can also better read emotions and intentions. If a threat does arise, they can detain or subdue a problem individual with ease. At the same time, they succeed at patrolling larger areas and covering more ground.

One K9 unit can do the work of a full team of guards with ease.

3. They're a Better Deterrent

People who want to cause trouble will gauge the room before attempting as much. Usually, they take a look at the security on the premises. If it's a tubby old mall cop, then they know they can probably get away with anything.

Sometimes, the best preventative measure is a deterrent. Nothing deters better than a big, scary-looking dog. People have seen how vicious a German shepherd can be, so they'll think twice about causing a ruckus or getting violent.

4. They Provide a Faster Response Time

Suppose two guests start pushing and shoving. They're only seconds away from coming to blows. Before anyone realizes it, violence can break out and ruin the festivities.

Dogs are much better at reading humans than humans are. They can sense indicators of aggression and predict budding violence, reacting nearly instantly. If something bad is about to go down, a dog will likely know about it before it happens-and react that much faster.

5. They Can Stop Anyone

If a guard does need to subdue a problem guest, they may struggle depending on who that guest is. Your aforementioned mall cop probably isn't capable of tussling with someone bigger and stronger. You may end up having to call the police to tackle a rowdy person who's too big and strong for the resident Paul Blart security.

A German shepherd may be only half the size of the average person, but they make very good use of their mass. You can watch videos of them taking down big guys who are four times their size. They use their powerful jaws and teeth to their advantage to neutralize a threat's ability to fight back until a human gets the chance to cuff them.

6. They Can Detect Bombs

At some bigger, more upscale events, the scare of a bomb is a real one. The thing is, bombs don't usually appear as they do in Hollywood: a bundle of wires with a big countdown display. Unless the guard is trained to identify explosive material, they could easily miss it. 

Thankfully, dogs can detect bomb materials just as well as they can detect drugs. Depending on which types of K9 security you get, they can scent the compounds used in common explosives. It doesn't matter how well a person hides it or disguises it, a dog trained in bomb detection will find it. 

7. They Avoid False Positives

It's only natural for some people to feel uncomfortable around K9 security services. After all, these are the big attack dogs that police and military use to fight bad guys. Some people may feel threatened or distrustful around trained pooches. 

K9 units are highly trained, just like their human counterparts. They can tell the difference between someone who's had too much to drink and a genuine threat. There's no risk of a K9 dog acting without good reason.

8. They Are Versatile

You may be wondering if your specific event would work with dog security. You probably imagine them in schools and airports, but not necessarily at, say, a gala or an awards ceremony. Perhaps dogs give you the impression that a place is "high-security," and therefore at greater risk of danger.

Rest assured, police dog security works in virtually all situations. You can have them in an open outdoor music festival, or a crowded indoor auction house. They are unobtrusive, inoffensive, and yet easy to deploy in all situations.

Regardless of what your event is, if you need protection, dog security can handle the job.

Get K9 Security Services With 3DK9

K9 security services are a versatile, effective alternative to a regular security outfit. They succeeded in specialized tasks, such as detecting drugs and bombs. They're also quite good at deterring threats-and detaining them if necessary.

3DK9 supplies all types of K9 security, from drug and bomb sniffers, to patrol dogs. Give us some information about your event and schedule a free consultation.

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