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How K9 Teams Are More Effective Than Standalone Security Guards

Published July 27th, 2023 by 3DK9 LLC

New research is suggesting something surprising: humans may have domesticated man's best friend by accident. Accident or not, though, it's probably one of the best decisions humanity has ever made. Dogs aren't just cute, they're great security too.

Dogs have protected humans for thousands of years. They are territorial creatures that defend their ground and can be trained to do almost anything. So that begs the question: which is more effective, K9 teams or run-of-the-mill security guards?

A K9 security dog is a considerable investment and should provide a worthwhile return. But so are salaried security guards. In this guide, we will discuss how dogs are actually more effective at the task of building security.

K9 Teams Can Easily Spot Contraband

One of the most important things security guards must do is prevent the passage of illegal substances. These could be hard-core scheduled substances such as cocaine or methamphetamines. They could be as simple as a misplaced blunt or MDMA pill.

Whatever the case, the premises likely have a strict prohibition on these drugs. The problem is that people have gotten really good at hiding them. They put them in bodily crevices, disguised containers, and hidden pockets.

This makes it virtually impossible for a security guard to find hidden illegal substances. The only way they could do so is with sophisticated drug-detecting equipment and drug-specific training. That's where K9 security comes in.

How K9 Teams Find Drugs

Dogs have drastically superior olfactory (smell) senses compared to humans. Humans have only 2 million nose receptors, while dogs have somewhere around 250 million. They could, if trained, detect a drop of blood somewhere in a swimming pool.

This makes them exceptionally good at detecting drugs. A single dog can learn 6 to 7 unique drug scents. Even better, they can identify variations of those drugs, too.

Once a dog identifies a contraband scent, their K9 handler helps them find it. They narrow it down to the location or item where the drug is hiding. Even when masked with other strong scents, a dog can still find it.

They Can Identify Ne'er-Do-Wells

An important aspect of security is prevention. Security guards check and detain people if they suspect bad intentions. With the rise of active shooter situations, identifying problematic people beforehand could save lives.

The thing is, people are incredibly good at masking their true intentions. Security guards have to process dozens, or even hundreds, of visitors at a time. Humans simply do not have the mental bandwidth to single out problematic individuals from a large crowd.

How K9 Teams Identify Problem Individuals

Dogs are incredibly good at reading human beings, perhaps even better than human beings themselves. They can smell fear, detect latent signs of aggression, and discern when someone is lying. There is science to back up the fact that they can recognize when a person might be a bad guy.

Whatever the case, a K9 security dog is great for telling good people from bad ones. They might be able to alert their handler to a suspicious individual. If that individual then does something terrible, then they can assist in stopping them.

They Are a Great Deterrent

When people picture a security guard, they imagine a mall cop. You know the type: an out-of-shape old man who might break a sweat having to climb a single flight of stairs. It's not a threatening or menacing image in the slightest.

Criminals of all kinds don't usually see security guards as huge obstacles. Even when a security guard is armed, it's a threat they can account for. A dog is another story entirely.

How K9 Teams Deter Criminals

Most people are scared of attack dogs. It's a primal fear, built into our DNA. In fact, 1 in 3 people have cynophobia (also known as fear of dogs).

It's not hard to see why. Dogs have sharp teeth, can run fast, are more resistant to pain, and don't get spooked as easily as humans. The thought of an attack dog chasing someone down is utterly terrifying. 

Needless to say, a criminal won't risk a crime with an attack dog around.

They Do the Job of Multiple Guards

The larger the area, and the more access points, the more manpower it requires to police it. That means more spaces for a guard to inspect during their rounds. The more work you put on a single guard's plate, the thinner you stretch them--and the less effective they are.

For a company, it can get expensive to hire so much security. The more guards they add, the more they have to spend. A K9 unit may, actually, do the job of multiple guards.

How K9 Teams Cover More Ground

It's a well-known industry standard that a single K9 patrol dog can do the job of three average security guards. 

A K9 dog can do everything a guard does much faster. They can listen, sniff, and run until they've made sure an area is secure. They can hear break-ins from farther away, sniff evidence of a previous break-in, or reach an intruder faster.

This saves companies money. Instead of hiring three guards, they hire one K9 unit. The cost-saving ratio--and bang for their buck--makes it well worth the money.

Hire Professional Dogs With 3DK9 Detection

K9 teams are better than security guards through and through. They can detect contraband with speed and accuracy, deter criminals, and catch them, too. Dollar for dollar, they're a more affordable--and effective--security measure compared to a guard.

3DK9 Detection provides it all: K9 patrol dogs, sniffer dogs, and explosive detection dogs. Get in contact with us and we'll find a K9 solution that works for you.


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