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  • The entire team at 3DK9 are great people and true professionals.
    We have amazing results which could never be found anywhere else.
    I highly recommend you use them if needed, you will not be disappointed.

  • 3DK9 was excellent for all facets of Canine services l. Mark and his team patrolled the Metropolitan area during difficult times for New York City.

    Outstanding job !

  • My wife and I were in denial, so my brother hired and paid for 3DK9 to come in and covertly sweep our house. The Dog and Handler were very professional and sympathetic, and within a few minutes they found where our son hides his stash. Thank You 3DK9 for a Job well done!

  • 3DK9 has been a great organization to work alongside in keeping our facility safe and secure. They have always been extremely professional, courteous, and flexible with our needs.  The handlers are very knowledgeable and have been able to provide additional insight in regards to concerns within our facility. We always enjoy seeing what the K-9's are able to do!

  • The service provided by the 3DK9 Team is extremely important for families and for the community. As a counselor and a Director of a substance abuse program, this service has helped with the delivery of services and the families involved are made so much aware of the stigma of substance abuse.

  • Extremely professional team. I highly recommend 3DK9 detection services.

  • Professional personnel, excellent service and superior dogs who are social, well trained and perform well at their tasks. 3DK9 is an all-around outstanding company.

  • Thank you so much 3DK9, you guys were awesome and it was great to see your dogs work. A job well done.

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