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  • My wife and I were in denial, so my brother hired and paid for 3DK9 to come in and covertly sweep our house. The Dog and Handler were very professional and sympathetic, and within a few minutes they found where our son hides his stash. Thank You 3DK9 for a Job well done!

  • Since 3DK9 has been Sweeping my office building, I have seen a significant boost in morale and productivity.

  • The service provided by the 3DK9 Team is extremely important for families and for the community. As a counselor and a Director of a substance abuse program, this service has helped with the delivery of services and the families involved are made so much aware of the stigma of substance abuse.

  • Extremely professional team. I highly recommend 3DK9 detection services.

  • Professional personnel, excellent service and superior dogs who are social, well trained and perform well at their tasks. 3DK9 is an all-around outstanding company.

  • Thank you so much 3DK9, you guys were awesome and it was great to see your dogs work. A job well done.

    Proudly Serving The Entire Lower 48 United States