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Using a Drug Dog in a Residential Setting

Published July 24th, 2020 by 3DK9 LLC

Do you live with a drug addict? Do you suspect your child may be abusing narcotics?

Substance abuse and addiction is reaching crisis proportions in the United States. The National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics reports that in 2018, nearly 32 million people – almost 12% of the population, were current illegal drug users. Two million people had an opioid addiction (including prescription drugs and heroin). More than 20 million people in the U.S. age 12 and older had a substance abuse disorder. Since 2000, 700,000 drug overdose deaths have been reported in the U.S. I welcome other statistics and sources as the client might prefer

How can you protect yourself, your family, your home and your loved one?

3DK9 Detection Services offers residential drug dog security assistance to concerned individuals and families. With our highly trained drug detection dogs and experienced handlers, we can help you discover evidence of illicit drug use in your home.

Our services are in demand because, sadly, substance abuse has become very discreet in recent years and can be difficult to spot. You may be noticing some early warning signs: poor performance at work or school, dramatic weight loss or gain, sudden financial problems, losing interest in formerly enjoyed pastimes, defensiveness or secrecy. But there may be few if any tangible clues. Strong opiates like fentanyl can take the form of ordinary-looking painkillers. Paraphernalia used for smoking marijuana can look like simple cigarettes.

Unfortunately, waiting to come across concrete evidence of substance abuse and addiction can put your loved one at risk of overdose and even death. The sooner you identify substance abuse and addiction in someone you love, the more likely they can be helped and begin to recover.

When you work with 3DK9 Detection Services and our K9 drug dog teams, we work to make the process swift and discreet. Our process includes:

  • Obtaining written permission from the homeowner or legal representative of the property before entering
  • Arranging for all family members including pets to be away from the residence during the sweep
  • Having the homeowner remain with the 3DK9 drug dog team during the sweep
  • Obtaining permission from the homeowner before entering any room in the home

If one of our narcotic sniffing dogs detects narcotics or drug paraphernalia, the handler verbally informs the homeowner and marks the spot. It’s important to know that our narcotic dogs will not seek out the drugs, nor will our K9 team dispose of the substances. Our policy is to leave this decision at the discretion of the homeowner in the event that additional measures or searches are necessary.

Our trained narcotic detection dogs also can identify other items you may not want in your home, such as alcohol, weapons and explosive devices.

All our K9 drug detection dog and handler teams are highly skilled, having undergone rigorous training to acquire and maintain superior detection skills. Our drug detection dogs are trained using standard drills and real-life scenarios, including training in home settings. You can be sure our drug dogs will be focused on their detection work in your home, not distracted by anything in it. In addition, our K9 handlers have extensive military, law enforcement and security experience, and they have excellent relationships with the dogs they handle.

You love your family, and their health and safety are your top priority. Likewise, we put your security first and foremost as we partner with you to ensure your family’s well-being. We take pride in helping families identify drugs and drug paraphernalia so they can stay safe, ease tensions and begin the journey to healing and recovery. We can help you put together a detection plan! Contact 3DK9 Detection Services today to discuss the right K9 security options for you.

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