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How to Get a Narcotic Dog in Seattle

Published October 20th, 2022 by 3DK9 LLC

In 2020, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health recorded that 37.3 million US citizens use illicit drugs. The number of people suffering from drug addiction continues to increase today. How can the situation affect the people?

As drugs affect the body, one can suffer from long-lasting health consequences. When a person uses illicit medicines, they become at risk of diseases and brain damage. In the worst-case scenario, drug addiction can trigger violent behaviors. 

Thus, protecting yourself and the people around you is crucial. One way to handle the issue is to get a narcotic dog. Drug-sniffing dogs can determine if there are narcotic substances surrounding your property. 

Are you wondering how you can find well-trained drug-sniffing dogs in Seattle? Read on to learn more. 

What Is a Narcotic Dog?

Dogs have a better sense of smell compared to humans. Unlike us, canine noses have 300 million olfactory receptors. Thus, allowing dogs to recognize odor even from a distance. 

Dogs are excellent detectors of narcotics and illicit drugs with incredible smelling abilities. If you notice, the police come with canines to detect illegal medicines. You see dogs sniff around in airports, apartment buildings, and festivals.

Thus, what is a narcotic dog?

A narcotic dog refers to a trained canine specialized in detecting illicit drugs. Apart from the law enforcers, private individuals get a drug-sniffing dog to sweep their properties. With this, they can determine if someone planted or hid illegal substances in their place. 

Although trained to find drugs, narcotic sniffing dogs serve other purposes. They join search and rescue missions, sniff out explosives, and more. Thus, making them helpful to society. 

How to Get Drug-Sniffing Dogs?

As drug misuse persists, protecting yourself and your surrounding is a priority. If you live anywhere in the US, you can get drug-detection dogs in Seattle. With this, how do you get a narcotic dog? 

1. Knowing Your Options

Before signing the contract, knowing your options for drug-sniffing dogs is vital. Note not all canines are apt for drug detection because of several factors. Apart from their sense of smell, experts consider their skills, speed, stamina, and fierceness. 

With this, only a few breeds qualify as narcotic sniffing dogs. Some are the German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, and Labrador Retrievers. How do these breeds contribute to drug detection operations? 

As mentioned, German Shepherds are common in the field. They are smart and skilled breeds that are eager to learn. By giving proper training, German Shepherds become dependable in sniffing drugs. 

With their fast reaction time, many law enforcers opt to work with Belgian Malinois dogs. They are good competitors to GSDs when it comes to drug-sniffing dogs. You can see them often searching for narcotics and bombs.

Labrador Retriever dogs are one of the most loyal breeds. Thus, making them good to keep in your home to protect you and your family. Like the Belgian Malinois, they often work to detect illicit drugs and explosives. 

2. All About Their Training

As mentioned, not all canines qualify to become narcotic dogs. Apart from their innate characteristics, the training they receive affects their performance. Thus, consider this factor when looking for narcotic-detection dogs in Seattle. 

When it comes to drug-detection training, you can teach dogs for a week or more. To qualify, they must meet specific criteria, such as intelligence and athletics. The recommended age of canine you can train ranges from 10 months to 3 years old. 

How does the training work? Trainers use toys to play with dogs before the official training. With this, they can get their attention and excite them. 

After, they hide the substance inside the toys and allow the canines to remember their scent. As dogs are sensitive to smell, trainers use them on toys. When the dogs learn and remember the scent, the trainers hide the toys in different places. 

If the dogs find them, they get treats. In their training, they need to finish several stages. Further, there are different training programs or methods used to train them. 

3. Consider Financing

Although safety is priceless, narcotic dogs in Seattle are expensive. Thus, you must assess your spending capacity before getting one. In the US, the average cost for a trained service dog ranges from $15,000 to $40,000. 

For sweep services, most businesses charge their clients between $200 to $500. However, the price can differ per organization. With this, you must prepare and allot a budget to get a narcotic dog.

Although you can opt for a more affordable option, going to a cheaper breeder can risk your safety. Instead of protecting, you can expose yourselves to an aggressive canine. 

4. Where to Get Narcotic Dogs in Seattle?

Do you know where you can find drug-detection dogs in Seattle? When looking for facilities to get a narcotic dog, ensure they are credible. You can search the web for trusted organizations and check their references. 

A reliable organization provides solutions to clients and ensures their safety. With this, they give high-quality training to the canines. Apart from these, a team of professionals backs a well-performing organization. 

To determine credibility, check the testimonials or reviews posted by their previous clients. With this, you can get an idea if they can give you what you need. 

5. How Does It Work?

Like any other transaction, getting a narcotic dog follows a procedure. When availing of a dog service, the business prepares the contract, and you must sign them. Most agreements include the service, procedures, and other vital information. 

Further, you must pay the fees before you can enjoy their service. After settling the contract and payment, the sweeping for illicit drugs starts. A handler arrives with the dog, and they explore every part of your property. 

When the canine detects a drug scent, they communicate with the handler about it. Then, the handler notifies you about the scent identified in your home.

Getting a Narcotic Dog in Seattle

Drug misuse and abuse result in detrimental effects, including safety risks. By getting a narcotic dog to sweep your property, you guarantee safety. With this, learning to find reliable drug-sniffing dogs in Seattle is crucial.

Before signing the contract, ensure you know the breed you want, the training, and the credibility of the business. Are you looking for a reliable narcotic dog service in the US? At 3DK9, we got you covered. Our team focuses on your safety by giving the best services.

For more questions, you can contact our team here.

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