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How K9s Can Help Increase Workplace Safety

Published May 3rd, 2023 by 3DK9 LLC

In the modern age, 89% of Americans say workplace safety is more important than ever before. Business owners often feel the same way, thanks to a growing range of threats across the country. 

But sometimes, cameras, fences, and other traditional measures aren't enough. In an era of increasing violence across many American regions, it's so important to take every protection method possible. That's why it's so important to learn about different ways of keeping your premises safe. 

It's time to learn a little more about how these units can keep your business and staff secure. Read on to find out about these units and the different threats they can address. 

Provide a Noticeable Presence

Oftentimes, K9s provide a strong visible presence that is enough to deter bad actors. Our K9 security units can conduct highly visible patrols of your business premises, including entryways and high-traffic areas. 

Most criminals want to target a location with the minimum security possible. If they know they're going to face a trained and sophisticated security system, they're likely to find a soft target elsewhere. The dogs that work on our K9 patrols can be quite intimidating to those looking to cause harm. 

Remember, there are only a small number of businesses in the US protected by K9 security units. By investing in this service, you get a rare form of protection. Criminals are likely to go after a less protected business instead, making their lives easier. 

Prevent Shooting Situations

It's a sad fact that active shooting situations are on the rise. These terrible events can happen anywhere and at any time. Often, disgruntled employees start shooting at their places of work, making businesses a common target for these kinds of offenses. 

The good news is, many of these situations are stopped before they begin. In many cases, that's because efficient security patrols deter the shooter or stop them before they can start shooting. 

Some specially-trained dogs can sniff out firearms. They smell the odor of gunpowder and alert their handlers. Then, a proper search can take place or the armed person can be denied entry to the building.

The potential shooter no longer has the element of surprise. Suddenly, they aren't facing an easy target. Instead, they're facing down a trained security agent and loyal canine companion. 

If an active shooting situation does begin on the premises, your K9 Unit can help to respond to the problem. Teams could help to evacuate employees, customers, or visitors, or quickly alert the authorities and give a detailed account of the event. 

Detect Explosives

Explosive devices are another concern for some businesses. Terrorism is still a very real threat around the world, and this often comes in the form of explosive devices. Terrorists sometimes attack innocent businesses like shopping malls or busy office buildings. 

Explosive devices vary in shape and size. In many cases, they can be smuggled into an area inside a bag or clothing. That makes manual searches by traditional security guards difficult or impossible. 

For trained sniffer dogs, detecting explosives is easy. Dogs can sniff out the chemicals that go into making an explosive device and alert their handlers. The handler will know what to do to address the situation and keep everyone safe.  

Getting this added peace of mind is vital in the modern era. As a business owner, you can be sure you're protecting your business, employees, and customers from potential terrorist threats. 

Detect Drugs

Drugs on your business premises can cause all kinds of issues. From potential legal troubles to erratic behavior, they can cause a volatile atmosphere and potentially even force you to close down operations. 

Scent dogs are trained in sniffing out drugs before they arrive on the premises. So, if a person arrives at your business concealing something they shouldn't have, the drug dog can quickly sniff out the problem. The dog training process we use creates animals that can sniff out a wide range of narcotics. 

Whether you want to screen new arrivals to the premises, search employees, or investigate areas of the premises, drug dogs can help. They can sniff out a wide range of narcotics with high accuracy rates. 

Get a Better Sense of Security

Some workplaces can be pretty fraught environments. The natural stresses of daily work sometimes combine with fears of outside attack to leave your employees on edge. This can cause additional dangers inside the workplace, as employees may react dangerously to real or perceived threats. 

Security provided by K9 units can help employees feel safe and secure. When they know they have a highly-trained K9 unit watching their back people can relax. That means a lower chance of dangerous incidents caused by edgy employees. 

When people feel secure in their workplace, they will be less on edge. That means they're less likely to react dangerously to situations. They know they can sit back and let your security handle any situation that may arise. 

Improve Workplace Safety With K9 Patrols

When it comes to workplace safety, there can be no half-measures. Business owners should do whatever it takes to keep their premises and employees safe. And a K9 team with detection dogs is the best way to protect against a wide range of threats, from the mundane to the life-threatening. 

3DK9 offers a range of K9 protection services for businesses, serving all 50 states. We have years of experience in providing quality security services to a range of clients. Contact 3DK9 Detection today to find out more. 

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