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How Concerts and Events Benefit From Drug Sniffer Dogs

Published February 17th, 2022 by 3DK9 LLC

Dogs and their keen sense of smell have been used as a helpful tool for much of history, with canines helping out as early as the frontlines of World War II. Dogs have an amazing ability to detect trouble and aid in the quest for greater security for all.

It's for this reason that you may want to consider having sniffer dogs at any mass event. Sniffer dogs can help to ensure concerts and large events go off without a hitch, and there are many benefits to having these working canines as part of your team.

Why would it be a mistake to launch a large event without them? Read on, and we'll walk you through what you need to know.

Concerts and Drug Abuse

A concert should be an opportunity for people to get together and enjoy life through the art of music. A show can be a beautiful thing, a moment to be shared with others, and an artist's performance. 

Unfortunately, concerts also tend to be a haven for drug use and abuse. Drug overdoses and drug-related incidents occur at concerts and similar-sized events every year. At some point, drug-related issues can become a bigger headline than the performing act itself, a scenario no event organizer wants. 

That's why you need to take event safety and event security quite seriously.

It should be the responsibility of any serious event organizer to try to limit the exposure of drug abuse at their events. This can help keep concertgoers safe and preserve the overall integrity of the concert-going experience. 

Depending on what kind of incident occurs, it could come back to you as an event organizer, so it's essential to take steps to minimize the amount of risk you take on to the highest degree possible.

While there are several steps you're likely taking to help keep your event and your patrons safe, bringing on a few drug-sniffing dogs can be another element to consider strongly. 

Security Dogs and Their Amazing Senses

Sniffer dogs have an amazing sense of smell, which might go without saying. However, one of the main reasons to bring sniffer dogs on as part of your event's team is that they have a sense of smell that is far superior to humans. 

How much stronger? 40 times stronger than a human's, an impressive and startlingly high amount. 

Not only is a canine's sense of smell stronger, but it also has a much stronger ability to multi-task. A canine can pick out and differentiate between multiple smells, even if they are occurring simultaneously. 

This ability cannot be found in any other kind of security tech. Human invention has not caught up to the natural talent of the average canine, which is why a sniffing dog can be such an essential and integral part of any event security lineup. 

A sniffing dog only needs a few moments to identify and detect the scent of illicit and illegal substances. This means they can make quick and efficient work of any crowd coming to your concert or event. 

What Can a Sniffer Dog Detect? 

Concerts tend to be a popular place for audiences to bring any number of illicit substances. Whether for use or attempted sale at the event, you need to be prepared to keep these illegal and sometimes dangerous substances out. 

Luckily for you, sniffer dogs can pick up the scent of a vast range of different substances. From drugs as commonplace as cannabis to as serious as heroin, a drug-sniffing dog will be able to point them out. 

The list of drugs that a sniffer dog can identify for its team is wide-ranging. It includes but is not limited to ketamine, recreational marijuana, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, Adderall, LSD, fentanyl, and more. 

The ability of a sniffing dog to identify a substance might vary depending on its training, so it's always worth asking ahead if there are specific substances you want to be able to locate.

However, most professional sniffing dogs should be able to point out almost any substances that would provoke alarm by your event organizers. Canine service providers should be able to make clear if there are any exceptions. 

Professionality and Prevention

Security dogs also have other benefits to provide to your concertgoers. Often, just the presence of drug-sniffing dog services can help to elevate the overall professionalism and presentation of your event.

Guests who see these dogs will understand that you take the event and their safety seriously. They will appreciate this gesture and feel more secure and taken care of as a result.

This is a great way to get on your patron's good side before the event itself even starts. 

The performers you are hiring will likely feel the same. They will see that you've invested in crafting a safe environment for them to perform, and may even put on a more confident and arresting performance as a result.

The presence of drug sniffer dogs can also serve as a point of prevention ahead of time. If individuals know that sniffer dogs will be at the event, they might avoid bringing drugs or illicit substances at all.

In this way, the hiring of drug-sniffing dog services can help better your event before illegal substances are even on the premises. 

Benefits of Sniffer Dogs

If you're hoping to craft a fantastic concert or large event, providing a safe and secure environment will be key. Having sniffer dogs as part of your team can help contribute to this environment, as the above information outlines.

It's well worth having a K9 detection team as part of your event. Have more questions about how this kind of service works? Reach out to us anytime for assistance. 

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