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Elite Guard Dog Training Services

Published June 11th, 2021 by 3DK9 LLC

Our canine friends have so much to offer us, like companionship, protection, and helping the disabled. Dogs are truly unique! But in a matter of seconds, a tragedy can occur, leaving everyone in a panic.

That's why guard dog training is an excellent outlet for naturally protective dogs. With the proper training, they can learn to sniff out any threats! Keep reading to learn more about guard dogs!

What Is a Guard Dog?

A guard dog can sniff out bombs, narcotics, and even human remains. Usually, these trained dogs work for the police department, airport security, CIA, and other security organizations

Before a dog can become a professional, it must first go through an extensive dog training program and pass many tests. Not all dogs are natural guard dogs or even meant to work in safety. This is why these training programs exist.

Guard Dog Training

Dog training or "K9 Traning" encompasses many forms of safety. Before a dog can become a trained professional, it must go through puppy socialization

Puppy socialization happens in the first few weeks of a dog's life. In this stage, they get exposed to new people, dogs, and places. This step is crucial and will determine if the dog is equipped for K9 training or not.

After this, a puppy can become a seeing eye dog or help the disabled. This stage is where the puppy can get some experience with helping others. After a year, the dog can start its training for sniffer dogs and other specializations

K9 training is intense but very rewarding for both the trainer and the dog. The training utilizes different commands and techniques that come in handy in real-life situations. These training programs all start at the same time. This gets the dog on a set schedule which in turn helps with memorization.

Types of Guard Dogs

There are many different branches of guard dogs. The main three branches of dog training are security services, drug dog services, and explosive services. These branches of security are helpful in an emergency

Security Services

Security dog training services are helpful in work, schools, and other public areas. The job of a security service dog is to detect narcotics and protect the public from dangerous individuals.

This type of K9 training ensures that the dog is well trained in every situation and can work in large crowds. After extensive training, the dog can provide a level of protection that is unique and efficient.

Drug Dog Services

Sniffer dogs know how to find all types of narcotics in any circumstance. This type of training has a heavier emphasis on different types of drugs and how to find them.

These types of dogs do great in schools and airports because of their high energy and direct approach. Drug dogs are able to detect the smell of a narcotic in a few seconds even if the object is far away.

This is why sniffer dogs do so well in airports. However, some drug dogs go from one location to another every week. Bomb Sniffing Services

Bomb-sniffing dogs are efficiently trained to handle critical situations. Sniffer dogs are trained to work in crowded environments like concerts, schools, shipping malls, government facilities, and other large settings.

Terroristic threats are prevalent in these environments, so having a bomb-sniffing dog can save many lives. The training for these dogs is long but very rewarding. By the end of the training, the dog should keep calm during routine inspections but spring into action when a threat is detected.

Other Instances Where Guard Dogs Are Needed

As stated previously, guard dogs are great for security, bomb, and drug sniffing. However, many different threats and situations can arise; that's why guard dogs are so important in today's society

Keep reading to learn more about other instances where guard dogs are needed.

Natural Disaster

A natural disaster can leave families displaced and can even be deadly. After a tornado, tsunami, or earthquake, many people can be trapped in the aftermath of the storm.

Some sniffer dogs are well trained to find humans in the wreckage of a natural disaster. In some instances, dogs can also find human remains in a deadly natural disaster.

Government Officials

Presidents and high-level government officials are all protected by security staff members and guard dogs. This type of security dog is well trained in many different security breaches like bombs, national threats, and dangerous individuals.

These kinds of guard dogs can work in the white house, government offices, and the homes of other government officials. Usually, these dogs are stationed at their location for longer than different job placements.

Off-Duty Dogs

Guard dogs are just like any other dog. The only difference is that they perform a job. Nevertheless, guard dogs like going on walks, playing fetch, and taking naps.

However, even when they're not training or at job sites, guard dogs can help with educating the community. Many guard dogs go to public schools with their trainers and help teach young kids about drug and safety awareness.

These seminars are also a great way to teach young children how to treat service dogs when they see them. Many kids are eager to pet these dogs because they're not aware of the dog's role.

Security for All

Guard dog training can have a significant impact on public safety. Guard dogs are also great companions and create safe homes.

For more information on guard dogs, visit our service page. Because at the end of the day, we all deserve to live in a safe environment!

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