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6 Tips for Hiring Dog Patrolling Services in Austin, Texas

Published January 10th, 2024 by 3DK9 LLC

Dog patrolling has been used for more than 100 years across the world. They first became part of the New York police department in 1907. Ever since then, drug, and patrolling dogs have helped solve thousands of cases.  In a busy city like Austin, Texas, safety and security need to be the highest priority. There are a lot of residential and commercial spaces, and hiring dog patrolling services can help keep everyone safe.  A canine unit is a unique and effective approach to security. Whether you’re hosting a business event, concert, or local school function, having a dog patrol will provide a strong and mobile defense.  While you never want to think something bad is going to happen, it’s best to be prepared. There are a few factors that you need to consider before hiring a dog patrol. Below, we’ll give you six tips that’ll help you find the best canine team.

1. Assess Experience and Reputation 

The first thing you need to do when you're researching for drug-detecting dogs to hire is look at the company's experience and reputation.  A company with a proven track record will be more reliable and get you the results you want. You'll also want to look for a company that is familiar with the Austin area. They should be well-established in the community and have a strong online presence. Spend some time looking through their website so you can read about their experiences and look at testimonials from previous clients. You should also take the time to look at third-party sites for online reviews. This will give you insight into their business and how they treat their customers. When you're speaking with a representative from the company, take the time to ask about their experience with businesses and properties similar to yours. If you require a large unit of patrol dogs, you'll want to ensure the company has enough canines available to you. You also want the dog patrol to be comfortable with the size of the job. If they've only worked in smaller locations and events, they may not be prepared for a larger one.  During this initial step, you may also want to talk to other people in the community. Other business owners may have used their services and be able to provide you with context, information, and insight.

2. Customized Security Plans

Every event and business has different security needs. You need to ensure the dog patrolling company offers the services that you require.  A thorough assessment should be conducted to identify your needs and potential vulnerabilities. The services should listen to your concerns and address them. This will show you how committed they are to pricing effective security.  

3. Evaluate Training Programs 

You should talk to a representative about their training protocols. The effectiveness of the service is based on the training received by the handlers and the dogs. You'll want to make sure the training protocols cover scent detection and the appropriate response to potential threats.  The handlers should be well-versed in how to lead the dogs in different situations. The benefit of working with a reputable company is that they will be transparent about their training programs. They may even show you the certifications in awards that have been received by their teams.  A company or handler isn't open about their training processes. You may want to continue your search somewhere else. They should be willing to explain and answer all the questions you have about their training protocols

4. Visit and Meet the Drug Dogs

While it may seem like an unnecessary step, meeting the dogs and handlers prior to hiring them can be beneficial.  This allows you to assess the condition and temperament of the dogs. You'll also be able to observe the professionalism of the handlers. You will be working with the team, and meeting them can make you more comfortable. It will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions or address any concerns that you may have. This whole experience will also help build your confidence in the service provider. You'll feel confident making the investment in patrolling services.

5. Understand the Fee Structure

Another important factor to consider before hiring drug dogs for your event is the cost. A reputable company will be completely transparent about their fees. You don't want to work with a business that tries to take advantage of you. Before signing a contract, be sure to read it thoroughly. You'll also need to understand the terms and conditions. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask.  The contract should outline the scope of the services, the responsibilities of all parties, and any additional charges. The more communication you have with a team member prior to signing the contract, the better. This will eliminate the chances of surprises in the future. When you receive the quote, be sure to ask for a breakdown as well. You need to know exactly what you're paying for. 

6. Check for Insurance 

When you're hiring drug-sniffing dogs, you need to ask about their insurance.  Unforeseen incidents can happen, and you need to know what coverage you and the company have. Take the time to request proof of insurance and verify your coverage. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you and your guests are protected during the event. If an unexpected situation arises, you can have full confidence knowing that everyone is covered by liability insurance. If drug-detecting dogs and handlers don't have insurance coverage, you may want to ask a few questions or look for another company to work with. Paws and Protectors: Utilizing Dog Patrolling Services, You can significantly increase the security of your property and event by hiring a dog patrol. Finding the right team can take some time, so don't rush. Using the tips above will help streamline the research process and allow you to find the dog patrolling services that you need.  Don't wait to have peace of mind. We want everyone to feel safe and secure. Our team here at 3DK9 has years of training experience. Whether you have questions about narcotics dogs or if you're ready to hire drug dogs, get in touch with us today!

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