3DK9 offers discreet dog narcotic detection services for families, business owners, schools, and other facilities. In the United States, more and more people struggle with substance abuse and addiction every year. A large number even fall victim to drug overdoses. In order to learn how to help someone on drugs protect the ones you love from this growing problem, it’s important to identify substance abuse early on.

What are Narcotics?

Narcotics are any substances that an individual can abuse for its effects. This typically includes opioids, methamphetamines, hallucinogens, and marijuana. We train our dogs to detect the pure odor of narcotics, so the scent of stimulants won’t throw them off.

What Happens During a 3DK9 Detection Sweep?

We train our dogs regularly and variably to detect a variety of narcotic substances. This way, their training is as similar to real-life situations as possible, and they stay current on the latest illicit substances.

In order to perform a sweep, the 3DK9 team must have written permission from the homeowner or legal representative for the property. Additionally, tenants of the home or business must be away, including any pets.

canine narcotic detection services dog sniffing bag and learn how to help someone on drugs

Our dog and handler will move from room-to-room during the sweep. During this time, the legal representative must be present for the entire process. Our team will not enter a business or residence without the presence of the legal representative.

If our dog detects a scent, the handler will verbally inform the homeowner or representative and mark the spot. Our dog narcotic detection services team will not seek out drugs nor will they dispose of substances. Exposure and disposal of narcotics are left to the discretion of the legal representative.

Residential Dog Narcotic Detection Services

If you have concerns about your child or loved one using dangerous substances, then our dog narcotic detection services can help you. When the person in question and your family are away from the home, we can sweep your home for dangerous substances. From there, it’s your decision to talk to your loved one or warrant a subsequent search.

During our residential sweeps, we try to make the process as discreet and comfortable as possible. We ask the family to leave the home to avoid conflict, and we don’t dispose of substances in the event of an additional search. As you explore how to help someone on drugs, we hope this can reduce anxiety as much as possible and make the process an effective one for your family.

Commercial and Educational Sweeps

All individuals in a place of work or education are entitled to feeling safe and secure in their environments. Coworkers, classmates, and staff in these buildings who choose to bring in narcotics endanger the safety and morale of the environment. Our dog narcotic detection services can help identify any substances in the facility with discretion while helping to boost the facility’s sense of security.

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Protection and Detection at 3DK9

At 3DK9, we dedicate ourselves to honest and reliable service. We offer full transparency and reliability with our dog narcotic detection services in the hopes that it will help you create a safer environment for those you love. Additionally, other dog security services we offer include:

Take The First Step in Learning How to Help Someone on Drugs

If you require any of these services for your home or business, then please call us today at 855-561-3647. Let 3DK9 be your allies who defend, detect and deter danger. We’re ready to help you take the first step in learning how to help someone on drugs.