The 3DK9 team is a diverse force of expertly-trained dogs, handlers and trainers. With many years of military and law enforcement training, our 3DK9 dogs boast an impressive roster of skills and services. What can drug dogs smell and identify? Our K9 detection team can sniff out a range of narcotics, weapons, explosives and even bed bugs. Additionally, they are up-to-date on the latest drug and technology detection skills, which ensures that they’re providing accurate and reliable services to all of our clients.

About Our Dogs

3DK9 employs a large and diverse team of dogs who specialize in a variety of detection and protection skills. Each of our dogs specializes in a variety of skills, including detection, tracking, area protection, patrol, search and rescue, and other security services.

3DK9 Dogs Training

At 3DK9, we train our dogs regularly to keep them at the top of their game. Additionally, we vary their training so they can adapt to any situation or circumstance.

Our training includes both standard drills and real-life scenarios. For some training exercises, we put our dogs in a real environment, such as a home or office, and have them practice detection. This ensures that in active detection scenarios they won’t get distracted by other objects or people.

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For our protection services, we train our dogs to remain calm and composed until a threat is present. This way, they can limit the anxiety a crowd may experience in their presence but are still fully capable of jumping into action when a threat arises.

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Detection and Protection Services

The 3DK9 dogs and team provide exemplary security services for individuals who need added security at their home, business, or event. We believe that everyone deserves to work, live, and enjoy themselves in an environment where they feel safe. The presence of narcotics, dangerous contraband, and explosives threatens that security. What can drug dogs smell? What about weapon and explosive sniffing dogs? They all smell opportunities for a safer, more secure environment. Therefore, we train our 3DK9 dogs to the highest standard so you can rest assured that your environment is safe and secure.

Our training allows our dogs to offer a number of dog security services, including:

Additionally, we offer these services to a variety of 3DK9 clients. Who we help includes:

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If you require the effective and efficient services of 3DK9, then call us today at 855-561-3647. Give yourself, your loved ones, and your business peace of mind with a dog security program that can defend, detect and deter danger. If you still find yourself asking “what can drug dogs smell?,” please contact us to learn more.