3DK9 is a dog security company that offers detection and protection services to a range of clients. We provide turnkey solutions that are realistic and well-planned, all while remaining compliant with local, state, federal and international laws. 3DK9 is dedicated to detecting any dangerous contraband that will harm and potentially destroy what you hold dear. When tapping our quality police K9 caliber of services, there is no better deterrent than a highly trained K9 defending your environment.

About 3DK9

Our team of dogs, trainers, and handlers is devoted to delivering honest and reliable services. Many of our team members have experience working with and training canines in the military or police K9 forces. These years of experience give them the knowledge they need to handle our dogs reliably.

3DK9 always puts the client’s safety first. Our dogs and handlers undergo high-quality police K9 training that makes them adept at handling any situation. Whether these scenarios involve one-on-one interactions or large crowded venues, all of our dogs are well mannered, environmentally sound and focused.

Additionally, we maintain the proficiency of our dogs through frequent and varied training. This makes them capable of detecting a range of narcotics and drug paraphernalia, as well as being able at adapt quickly in new situations.

3dk9 detection protection services dog canine and police k9 services

Our Mission

3DK9 provides effective and accurate dog security services for all of your needs. We are dedicated to help defend against the dangers that exist in the world.  Everyone has a right to a safe and secure environment. Whether that environment is your home, school, workplace or business, no one should have to live in fear.

Our 3DK9 services can bring families closer together to help them heal. Substance abuse and addiction can destroy family relationships. By bringing issues of substance abuse to light, families can begin the recovery journey and prevent any further damage.

“Straight and Narrow, one of the largest drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in New Jersey regularly utilizes the K9 drug dog services for all levels of our programs to provide a safe and drug-free environment for both staff and clients. Since the beginning, we have experienced a truly professional approach by 3DK9. Their availability and flexibility has allowed the agency to coordinate the K9 inspections to meet our vast needs. We have been provided with staff education and professional guidelines to assist in developing our policy and procedures related to the inspections. It is unfortunate that currently during a major opioid epidemic that our program needs to go to the level of K9 drug dog inspections, however it is our reality and I am grateful to have Mark and his team working with us.”

– Dr. Sam Pirozzi, Executive Director

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Police K9-Quality Services

3DK9 offers a variety K9 teams that specialize in a range of techniques and services. Our dogs are also capable of handling a variety of situations that could be dangerous to you or others. Our most common dog security services include but are not limited to:

3DK9 will accommodate your every need. Our reach is global, where ever you need us, we will be there. Additionally, we offer our professional and confidential resources to any residence or facility that requires our detection and/or protection services. This could include homes, schools, drug rehabs, event venues, government facilities and prisons.

Professional Police K9-Quality Detection and Protection

3DK9 is trained and ready to help you no matter where or what types of dog services you need. Whether you have concerns about a loved one using a controlled dangerous substance (C.D.S.) or you want to ensure the safety of patrons at your business, we’re ready to help you tackle any precarious situation.

Don’t let dangerous individuals and substances hurt those that you are responsible for and care about. Take the first step in protecting them by calling 3DK9 and speaking to one of our experts at 855-561-3647. Let us be your allies who defend, detect and deter.