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3DK9 Detection Our Clients

3DK9 Detection Our Clients

3DK9 is a proactive service to help aid in your safety and success. Weapons, explosives, and illicit drugs are more accessible than ever, and any location can be a target. Stadiums, office buildings, schools, and event venues are all locations that require protection and peace of mind when it comes to safety. Therefore, we train our dogs, handlers, and trainers to handle any situation that our 3DK9 clients need us to. In turn, our services help clients manage business liability and risk, promote safe environments and protect the people they care about.


Our 3DK9 clients extend across a broad range of industries and specialties. We serve Major Sporting Stadiums for College and Professional teams, Fortune 500 companies, concert venues, and more(Referrals Available for all).  From concerned security managers to secure government agencies, our team is ready to handle any situation. We offer services for many types of clients, including:

Concerned family members can have their homes swept for narcotics or contraband. Uncovering the truth is the first step to a healthier and happier family system. We operate in a discreet and confidential manner. We find narcotic odor, not narcotics. Once the K-9 indicates the potential presence of narcotic odor, the handler will clearly mark the area for you to search. It is now up to you to decide how to handle the situation.

Substance addiction is a growing problem in the United States. Every day, teenagers begin abusing substances for the first time. Sadly, every day, people lose their lives to drug overdoses. Whether you’re preventing drug abuse at home or living with an addict, 3DK9 offers residential dog security services to bring issues of substance abuse and addiction to light.

Why Do I Need Residential Dog Security Services?

Sometimes, substance abuse and addiction aren’t obvious right away. And, by the time it is obvious, it can be too late. The sooner you identify substance addiction in someone you love, the more likely they are to have a successful recovery.

Substance abuse has also become much more discreet in recent years. Strong opiates, like fentanyl, can take the form of plain-looking painkillers. Paraphernalia used for smoking marijuana can even look like cigarettes. Even if you’re attentive to your loved one’s activities and purchased, it may not be immediately obvious that anything is wrong.

Are You Living With an Addict? These Are Common Signs of Substance Abuse or Illegal Activity.

If you can’t identify the paraphernalia, there may be other signs that your loved one is struggling with substance abuse. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Poor performance at work or school
  • Drastic weight gain or loss
  • Defensiveness or secrecy
  • Sudden financial problems
  • Losing interest in formerly enjoyed hobbies and pastimes

Also, as a parent, you may simply have a gut feeling about your child’s behavior. If you fear that your child is involved with other illegal activities, we can also sweep your home for contraband, such as firearms. Any of these are viable reasons for residential dog security services.

The Process

At 3DK9, we work to make the process as swift and discreet as possible. We will not enter any residence without written permission from the homeowner or legal representative of the property. Additionally, we ask that all family members (including pets) are away from the residence during the sweep.

During our residential dog security services, we ask that the homeowner remains with the 3DK9 team during the sweep. Our team will not enter any room without the permission of the homeowner.

If one of our dogs detects narcotics or paraphernalia during a sweep, the handler will verbally inform the homeowner and mark the spot. However, our dogs will not seek out the drugs nor will our team dispose of the substances. We leave this decision to the discretion of the homeowner in the event that additional measures or searches are necessary.

Residential Dog Security Services

When it comes to your family or living with an addict, their safety and security are your top priority. Substance abuse can endanger the life of someone you love and also strain familial relationships. However, with residential dog security services, these issues can come to light so your family can begin healing and recovery. In addition to our narcotic detection services, we also offer:

To learn more about our dog security services and how we can help you protect your family, call us today at 855-561-3647.

Businesses, event venues, and drug rehabs often need extra protection and detection measures to ensure the safety of its attendants and employees. Our K9 services also help clients reduce business liability and risk to operate more smoothly and efficiently. We offer referrals in all major verticals of our organization so you can see first hand how our clients love our services. 

Commercial venues and facilities are often targets for criminal activity. To protect your business or event from violence and contraband, 3DK9 offers commercial dog security services that can detect, defend and deter danger. Discover how our efforts help boost workplace safety and event security measures while protecting individuals from drug, weapon and explosive-related risks.


Commercial dog security services are a set of operations that our 3DK9 team can execute in a commercial space. This can include anything from searching offices to increase workplace safety, crowd control or detecting contraband on event attendees. Our dogs are capable of remaining calm in any situation, even in crowds, and won’t jump into action unless a threat presents itself.

In the last 20 years, explosives have been one of the most common means of terrorism in commercial spaces. They are capable of mass destruction and causing high numbers of casualties. Our dogs can detect a variety of explosives, as well as firearms and paraphernalia, to protect your event or facility from a devastating catastrophe.

Additionally, many events and facilities restrict what attendees can bring inside. Illicit substances, alcohol, and weapons are all common items that aren’t allowed within venues. We train our dogs to detect a range of narcotics, so they will be able to pinpoint contraband quickly and accurately.

Our commercial dog security services help maintain the safety of employees, patrons and staff while working quickly and effectively as not to inhibit the venue or facility’s operations. Additionally, our team works alongside existing security staff to support their forces while bolstering protective measures like workplace safety initiatives.


Of course, any commercial venue or facility that holds a large number of people requires extensive protection and detection services. Some of the most common commercial venues we work with include:

  • Event and concert venues: Our dogs can detect contraband on patrons accurately and efficiently.
  • Sports Stadiums: Detecting weapons, explosives, and other dangerous items while deterring activity. We work with college and professional teams across the country. 
  • Amusement/Theme Parks: Detecting weapons, explosives, and narcotics while deterring illegal activity. We work with many of the countries largest parks. 
  • Drug rehab facilities: Detecting narcotics on residents ensures the compliance of the individual and the safety of the facility.
  • Hospitals: Helping keep staff safe and ensuring the safety of the facility.
  • Educational facilities: Schools can ensure the safety of their students with regular narcotics and weapons detection sweeps.

Our team is also able to offer services to businesses and companies who wish to boost morale and workplace safety with regular drug sweeps. For our clients’ convenience, we also offer our services nationwide and can travel anywhere within the United States.


If you need dog security services for your business, facility, or venue, then reach out to 3DK9. Our dogs and handlers have many years of training that allow them to offer comprehensive services, including:

For more information about our commercial dog patrol and workplace safety services, or our residential and government canine services, call us today at 855-561-3647. Don’t leave the safety of your venue or company up to chance; rely on 3DK9 today.

Many government agencies, including military vessels, often have high-security and strict guidelines on contraband.

Many government and military facilities have high-security protocols to protect their employees and sensitive national intelligence. Government facilities restrict all unauthorized firearms and weaponry, and many facilities even restrict cell phone use. At 3DK9, we offer government dog services to boost government building security measures, protect federal employees and safeguard the security of our country.


Our team comprises of professional dogs, trainers and handlers with many years of law enforcement and military experience under their belts. Team members work with our dogs regularly and rigorously to ensure that they can handle any situation with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

To meet the needs of clients from across the country, our team is able to travel anywhere within the United States. Whether you need our government dog services at a military base, federal office, or event site, we’re ready to work with you to ensure the security of your environment and employees.

Additionally, our team works as a force multiplier to your existing government building security detail. We work alongside local law enforcement, transportation officials, event staff, and office security guards to supplement their work and reinforce their efforts. Additionally, we offer our services efficiently and effectively while remaining in accordance with local, state and federal laws.


There are many types of contraband that can threaten a government building or military site. For terrorists, government agencies are prime targets of attack. Therefore, we offer our federal clients a range of canine security services, including:

Narcotic detection services: Illicit substances can endanger the lives of federal employees and affect their work performance. Our dogs are capable of detecting a variety of illicit substances, including opioids, marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines.

Explosive detection services: Explosives were responsible for 207 terrorist attacks in the United States between 2001 and 2011. The certified canines of 3DK9 can detect explosives and paraphernalia quickly and discreetly.

Protection services: For high-level government officials, we offer comprehensive and professional protection services so you can make your way through public spaces or venues safely.


In the United States, federal agents and employees serve and protect our country, but who protects them? At 3DK9, our mission is to defend, detect and deter danger for all citizens. We believe everyone has the right to a safe and secure work environment. In addition to government and building security dog services, we also offer:

  • Residential dog security services
  • Commercial dog security services

If your office or event requires the detection and protection services of 3DK9, then call us today at 609-557-3426.

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