3DK-9 is a proactive service to help aid in your safety and success. Weapons, explosives, and illicit drugs are more accessible than ever, and any location can be a target. Homes, offices, schools, and event venues are all locations that require protection and peace of mind when it comes to safety. Therefore, we train our dogs, handlers, and trainers to handle any situation that our 3DK-9 clients need us to. In turn, our services help clients manage business liability and risk, promote safe environments and protect the people they care about.

Who Are 3DK-9’s Clients?

Our 3DK-9 clients extend across a broad range of industries and specialties. From concerned parents to secure government agencies, our team is ready to handle any situation. We offer services for many types of clients, including:

3d k9 detection protection narcotics services dog canine Manage Business Liability and Risk

Residential Services: Concerned family members can have their homes swept for narcotics or contraband. Uncovering the truth is the first step to a healthier and happier family system. We operate in a discreet and confidential manner.  We find narcotic odor, not narcotics. Once the K-9 indicates the potential presence of narcotic odor, the handler will clearly mark the area for you to search. It is now up to you to decide how to handle the situation.

Commercial Services: Businesses, event venues, and drug rehabs often need extra security and detection measures to ensure the safety of its attendants and employees. Our K9 services also help clients reduce business liability and risk to operate more smoothly and efficiently.

Government Services: Many government agencies, including military vessels, often have high-security and strict guidelines on contraband.

In many of these situations, the 3DK-9 team serves as a multiplier for existing security measures and business liability management efforts. We work closely with local law enforcement and existing protection services to provide the best and most comprehensive protection and detection services in the industry. We also work in accordance with local, state, and international regulations, while remaining efficient and effective.

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Our Canine Security Services Can Help You Reduce Business Liability, Organize Safe Events and More

3DK-9 offers many canine security services to meet all of our clients’ needs. Often, large venues or facilities require more than one type of service. For example, a concert may require both contraband detection and crowd control services. In order to fulfill both of these needs, we offer services that include:

Additionally, all of our dogs specialize in a variety of skills and services. We can also handle jobs that require tracking, search and rescue, and patrolling. Depending on the circumstances of our 3DK-9 clients, we can tailor a security plan that suits their situation and gives them peace of mind. We can also help you reduce business liability and risk.

Sometimes, clients want our services to be quick and private. Other times, clients are interested in the presence and intimidation that our dogs can bring to a facility or venue. Depending on the needs of our 3DK-9 clients, we can provide discreet or overt services.

Manage Business Liability and Strengthen Event Security With 3DK-9

We believe that all of our 3DK-9 clients deserve accurate, realistic, and effective services. Regardless of whether you need residential or commercial protection services, we’re ready to help. To learn more about what 3DK-9 has to offer, call us today at 609-557-3426. Don’t leave your business liability or the safety of your residence up to chance. Rely on the professionals who can defend, detect, and deter today.