When people think of contraband, they typically don’t think of cell phones. However, cell phones are one of the most common types of illegal contraband that law enforcement look for. 3DK9 offers dog cell phone detection services to find a hidden cell phone, support law enforcement efforts and protect the safety of innocent civilians.

Why Cell Phone Detection?

Cell phones can be dangerous in the hands of individuals who wish to do harm. Many criminals use them to coordinate criminal operations. They can even use them to trigger explosives.

However, law enforcement generally have a hard time detecting cell phones due to their small size and portability. This is especially common in correctional facilities where inmates can use cell phones to coordinate efforts within the facility. These plans can include gang activities and even escape plans.

Our team’s dog cell phone detection services can take the guesswork out of contraband detection. We can find a hidden cell phone and ensure the safety and security of any facility.

3dk9 detection protection services dog canine find a hidden cell phone

Can You Really Find a Hidden Cell Phone? How Does It Work?

Dogs have incredibly strong noses. In fact, they’re even capable of smelling a drop of blood in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Therefore, detecting the scent of cell phones is no different than detecting any other scent.

Cell phone detection is the next step of dog detection services. Similar to narcotics, cell phones and electronics have specific scents. The battery, sim card, circuit boards, screens, and all other parts of a cell phone have different scents. In order to produce the most accurate results, we train our dogs to detect each part of a cell phone so that they don’t get distracted by similar devices, such as MP3 players.

By providing fast, efficient, and effective services, we can find a hidden cell phone and ensure the safety of the facility without wasting our clients’ time with false positives.

Where Do We Offer Our Services?

Our services most commonly aid law enforcement and security details at prisons and correctional facilities. However, cell phones can pose a threat anywhere. Therefore, we offer our dog cell phone detection services to any individual or organization in the United States. We can even travel to any facility our client requires within the country. Some facilities that benefit from our services include:

  • Schools
  • Homes
  • Airports
  • Event venues
  • Government facilities

If you have further questions about our cell phone detection services and where we offer them, feel free to contact 3DK9 today.

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Find a Hidden Cell Phone With Cell Phone Detection Services From 3DK9

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