The world is a dangerous place. Random acts of violence and the spread of addictive substances threaten the safety of innocent citizens across the country. To protect these individuals, promote a drug free workplace and more, we offer honest, reliable and comprehensive dog security services in detection and protection.

Our Mission

3DK9 Detection provides effective and accurate dog security services for all of your needs. We are dedicated to help defend against the dangers that exist in the world.  Everyone has a right to a safe and secure environment. Whether that environment is your home, school, workplace or business. No one should have to live in fear.

We believe that our 3DK9 Detection services can bring families closer together to help them heal. Substance abuse and addiction can destroy family relationships. By bringing issues of substance abuse to light, families can begin the recovery journey and prevent any further damage.

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How Our Canine Security Services Operate

3DK9 Detection is reliable and professional to provide you the highest quality service. To keep our dogs at the top of their game, we train them regularly and variably. All of our dogs and handlers are professionals. Our dogs and handlers undergo high-quality training that makes them adept at handling any situation from one on one interaction to large crowded venue. Our dogs are well mannered, environmentally sound and focused.

3DK9 Detection

At 3DK9 Detection, we offer a range of services to meet the needs of all of our customers. Our most common services include:

Narcotic detection services

Through varied training, our dogs can detect a range of narcotics in any residential, commercial or industrial locations. Clients often employ our narcotic detection services to achieve a drug free workplace, residence or event. Contact us for more information.


Explosive detection services

Our dogs can quickly and discreetly identify many types of explosives in airports, schools, event venues and other public spaces. Contact us for more information.


Protection services

Whether you’re a high-profile individual who needs added protection or you’re hosting a public event that requires crowd control, 3DK9 Detection services has what you need. Contact us for more information.


Cell phone detection services

In places where cell phones aren’t allowed, such as prisons and high-security facilities, our dogs can detect illegal phones efficiently and reliably to make sure the facility is free from this contraband. Contact us for more information.


Contraband detection services

Certain clients have unique rules. For example, no cell phones, food, tobacco and alcohol. Because of this unique need, we provide dogs that are capable of identifying the location of these common contraband items. If you require a dog to locate a unique item, please contact us so we may discuss your needs.

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Achieve a Drug Free Workplace, Home or Event With Our Dog Protection and Detection Company

When you’re looking for dog detection and protection services, look no further than 3DK9. We offer dog security services to protect you and your loved ones from the dangerous people and substances in the world. In addition to supporting your drug free workplace initiatives,  we serve a variety of 3DK9 clients, including:

Additionally, we can travel to wherever our clients need us to be, and we work in tandem with law enforcement to provide safe and compliant 3DK9 Detection narcotic and explosive services.

Protect your loved ones, residence or business from danger by reaching out to the professionals at 3DK9 Detection. We’re ready to face any job you have, so call us today at 8555613647.