Commercial venues and facilities are often targets for criminal activity. To protect your business or event from violence and contraband, 3DK9 offers commercial dog security services that can detect, defend and deter danger. Discover how our efforts help boost workplace safety and event security measures while protecting individuals from drug, weapon and explosive-related risks.

What Do We Do?

Commercial dog security services are a set of operations that our 3DK9 team can execute in a commercial space. This can include anything from searching offices to increase workplace safety, crowd control or detecting contraband on event attendees. Our dogs are capable of remaining calm in any situation, even in crowds, and won’t jump into action unless a threat presents itself.

In the last 20 years, explosives have been one of the most common means of terrorism in commercial spaces. They are capable of mass destruction and causing high numbers of casualties. Our dogs can detect a variety of explosives, as well as firearms and paraphernalia, to protect your event or facility from a devastating catastrophe.

3dk9 detection services dog in training commercial canine security services

Additionally, many events and facilities restrict what attendees can bring inside. Illicit substances, alcohol, and weapons are all common items that aren’t allowed within venues. We train our dogs to detect a range of narcotics, so they will be able to pinpoint contraband quickly and accurately.

Our commercial dog security services help maintain the safety of employees, patrons and staff while working quickly and effectively as not to inhibit the venue or facility’s operations. Additionally, our team works alongside existing security staff to support their forces while bolstering protective measures like workplace safety initiatives.

Where Do Commercial Dog Security Services Occur?

Of course, any commercial venue or facility that holds a large number of people requires extensive protection and detection services. Some of the most common commercial venues we work with include:

Event and concert venues: Our dogs can detect contraband on patrons accurately and efficiently.

Drug rehab facilities: Detecting narcotics on residents ensures the compliance of the individual and the safety of the facility.

Prisons and correctional facilities: Cell phone, narcotics, and firearm detection can help protect inmates and staff from criminal activity.

Educational facilities: Schools can ensure the safety of their students with regular narcotics and weapons detection sweeps.

Our team is also able to offer services to businesses and companies who wish to boost morale and workplace safety with regular drug sweeps. For our clients’ convenience, we also offer our services nationwide and can travel anywhere within the United States.

Boost School and Workplace Safety, Event Security and Rehab Facility Efforts with 3DK9

If you need dog security services for your business, facility, or venue, then reach out to 3DK9. Our dogs and handlers have many years of training that allow them to offer comprehensive services, including:

For more information about our commercial dog security and workplace safety services, or our residential and government canine services, call us today at 609-557-3426. Don’t leave the safety of your venue or company up to chance; rely on 3DK9 today.